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Waxing Services

Brazilian Wax (30 min) $50
Removing all hair from the front (could leave a strip), sides, back and everything in between.
French Bikini (30 min) $35
Removing most of the hair in the front (leave a small strip) and in the middle, but leaving the hair in the back.
Regular Bikini (15 min) $25
Removing hair from the front and sides (what would be visible in a swimsuit).
Full Legs (Women) (45 min) $55
Full Legs (Men) (45 min) $65
Upper or Lower Legs (30 min) $30
Full Arms (Women) (45 min) $30
Full Arms (Men) (45 min) $40
Upper or Lower Arms (30 min) $20
Underarms (15 min) $12
Chest (include stomach) (30 min) $45
Stomach (15 min) $15
Whole Back (30 min) $45
Shoulders (15 min) $15
Full Body (120 min) (Women) $150
Full Face (30 min) 30$
Lip or Chin (15 min) $10
Eyebrow Shaping (15 min) $15
Ears (15 min) $15
Nose (15 min) $15
Lower back (15 min) $15
Cheeks (10 min) $10
Hands or Feet (15 min) 12$

We specialize in Brazilian waxing, and we do waxing very safely.

Our technique results in less pain, less post waxing irritation and less ingrown hairs.

  • We use natural depilatory wax for sensitive skin
  • Use disposable gloves, spatula and roll paper
  • Always test the temperature of the heated wax before applying it to the client’s skin.
  • Apply a prep solution to thoroughly clean the skin before waxing
  • Apply an after-wax product to calm the skin after waxing procedure
  • Give the client post-wax instructions and precautions
  • No double dipping

Enjoy your waxing service and soothing skin!


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