Brazilian (45 min) First Visit $60
Removing all hair from the front (could leave a strip), sides, back and everything in between.
Brazilian (30-45 min) Maintenance (4-6 Weeks) $50
French Bikini (30 min) $40
Removing most of the hair in the front (leave a small strip) and in the middle, but leaving the hair in the back.
Regular Bikini (15 min) $30
Removing hair from the front and sides (what would be visible in a swimsuit).
Lower Legs (30-45 min) $45
Lower Arms (30 min) $20
Underarms (15 min) $15
Lip (15 min) $10
Chin (15 min) $10
Full Legs (90-105 min) $105
Upper Legs (45-60 min) $60

Sugaring is performed with a sugar paste. First of all, the sugar paste is made of all-natural ingredients: glucose or sugar, lemon juice and water. Second, this type of hair removal technique is particularly suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Furthermore, the skin reacts with less irritation, definitely less hair breaks, with the sugaring technique. The sugar paste is applied against the direction of the hair growth and pulled off with it, removing hair with their roots.


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