How to sort, inspect and store cosmetics?

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     How long can cosmetic products be stored so that they continue to beatify us, and not have the opposite effect?

     Cosmetics that have been stored for a long time and expired, like old food, are harmful to our health. In such cosmetics, bacteria are actively developing, which can cause various skin problems     and even health problems.

Shelf life of cosmetics.

     The easiest way to check the shelf life of a cosmetic product is to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. This is usually a number indicating the number of months during which a particular cosmetic or care product can be used after opening. If the packaging is thrown away, it is worth at least mentioning this number somewhere, because over time it will be forgotten, given that many products can be used for a year and even several years from the date of opening.

If the expiration date of a product has been forgotten and can no longer be found on the product packaging, there are other signs that a particular product should be said goodbye. They should also be considered.

     Close attention should be paid to changing the color of the product - this is a very important signal that the product is no longer worth using and its shelf life has expired. In addition, the color change also indicates an increase in the number of bacteria. It is also important to pay attention to the change in the smell of the product - an unpleasant smell also suggests that you should say goodbye to this product. Changing the texture is also a sign that the product is no longer recommended for use.

 Taking care of products.

     It's clear that the lifespan of a product also depends on how we take care of it, where we store it, and how often we use it. It is important that all packaging containing a particular product is closed and stored properly – away from direct sunlight, but in cooler places, considering the manufacturer's instructions. After use, carefully close all tubes, jars, and other containers, do not forget to put a cap on lipstick or eye liner. Also, most cosmetic products are not recommended to be stored in the bathroom, it is better to choose a place in the room where the air is not so humid and does not contribute to the spread of bacteria.

      As for the timing, it should be borne in mind: the recommended shelf life of mascara is 2-3 months, creamy powder, liners for eyes, eye creams, various facial cleansers - from 6 to 12 months. For a year and a half, we can safely use products such as face creams, eyeshadow, mascara, various shower gels, as well as lip glosses and sunscreens.

The two-year term usually covers powders, lip pencils, hair colours and balms, as well as nail polishes and blushes. In turn, the three-year shelf life usually extends to shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, perfumes, and various body lotions. Of course, it should be borne in mind that for natural cosmetics, these terms are much shorter.

A valuable assistant – cosmetic calculator.

     Perhaps many do not suspect this, but in wide Internet there are various cosmetic calculators that allow you to check products of different brands. Each product has a barcode that allows you to get valuable information about both the product and the country of manufacture and, of course, the company itself. For ease of use, you can download apps to your mobile phone to regularly check for purchased products or those you are just planning to purchase.

     Try out:

     Also, we recommend a very useful app –  – where you can save products and receive reminders when a product needs to be checked for deadlines. 

The most important thing is to buy a specific product only when it is really needed, and not to create stocks, which will ultimately lead to wasted funds or even health problems.


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