Neck & Decollete Treatment

Neck and Decollete Treatment

Neck & Decollete Microneedling (90 min) $160
Neck Microneedling (60 min) $120
Decollete Microneedling (75 min) 140$
IPL Neck & Decollete Photorejuvenation (60 min) $140
IPL Neck Photorejuvenation (45 min) $80
IPL Decollete Photorejuvenation (45 min) $90

When it comes to building an anti-aging routine, the neck and decollete areas barely comes to mind, but the skin there is thinner, sensitive and loses elasticity more quickly than the skin on your face, so it can actually show signs of aging first. Don’t neglect skin on your neck and chest, try our Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) or IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment to prevent wrinkling and sagging of this delicate areas. Read more about Micro-needlng or IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment


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