Manicure for men – my experience

Manicure for menMy name is Dan, and I just had my first ever professional manicure at Vancouver Green Spa. I was asked to share my experience with the readers of Vancouver Green SPA blog, and I am very glad to do so, as I had a wonderful time!

Most men would probably frown upon me saying that it felt great and not at all feminine, but let me tell you more.

First I have to say that there obviously was a girl behind all this, who suggested I give it a try. After all, everything we do is for women, and everything that would make my hands softer and nicer to touch is great.

Part of my job includes construction and I do use my hands for some intense physical labor, so the skin on my hands is not the softest in the world. I am using hand creams occasionally, but I definitely felt the difference after professional manicure!

I didn’t feel a tiny bit uncomfortable, and truly enjoyed hand massage, scrubbing, nice smelling hand creams and all the attention!

Oh, and this amazing paraffin treatment bath – it is kind of hard to scratch your nose when your hands are covered with paraffin, and hot towels, but it totally worth it!

I had a wonderful experience and I will totally do it again soon! I really enjoyed how specialists from  Vancouver Green Spa took care of me and my hands, and went out of their way to make me comfortable. It was a very relaxing experience and I can strongly recommend Green SPA to any man who is looking for a treat – for yourself or your girl!


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